AOC Corbières, the first appellation in Languedoc
In the Corbières mountain range, wine is about tradition, passion and high standards. Probably the only type of farming suited to this arid region, wine growing dates back to the 2nd century BC
Plus que 10 jours avant notre grand rendez-vous estival annuel, Corbières en fête. Cela se passera dans le centre-ville de Lézignan-...
Les soirées dégustation se multiplient dans les Corbières pendant l’été... Ce soir, c’est au domaine @pechdelescale que ça se passe, dans...
Jeudi soir, sur le bateau Le Persistant à Gruissan, 4 vignerons des Corbières vous font déguster leur vin: Domaine La Bouysse, Domaine La...
Corbières en fête approche à grands pas! Cette année, n'oubliez pas de faire un saut au stand d'initiation à la dégustation pour découvrir...
32nd Interprofessional Competition of Corbières Wines
#Roads of Corbières

Discover our wine region, the Corbières appellation area, by following five themed routes: the Lake and Sea Route; the Cathar Chateaux Route; the Cru Boutenac Route; the Alaric Route and the Narbonne to Lézignan-Corbières Route. Each one of them can be explored in a day, or over several days. urs.

75km from Gruissan to Fitou

Take a leisurely tour around lagoon country between the Mediterranean and the Corbières and you will discover fishing villages and an unspoilt wilderness. The route allows you to stop by 32 wineries and estates.

130 km from Lagrasse via Villerouge-Termenès

From Lagrasse to the dizzying heights of the Cathar citadels, this tour calls for a leisurely pace. As you follow in the footsteps of the Cathars, you will witness the rebellious side of the Corbières. The 45 wineries and estates dotted along this historic route share the same defiant character.

55 km from Gasparets via Montseret

Vineyards fan out from the village of Boutenac over a series of hills steeped in Mediterranean influences. Discover the 39 wineries and estates offering icon wines.

100 km from Ribaute via Montlaur

Mount Alaric towers above the Aude valley between Carcassonne and Narbonne. This unspoilt landscape offers breathtaking vistas and is home to 53 wineries and estates.

70 km from Narbonne via Bizanet

The Roman birthplace of wine growing, Narbonne is one of the main gateways to the Corbières region. Discover 30 wineries and estates along this route.